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Iguana/Chameleon/Frog Chimera
This creature was inspired by a dragon. I wanted the creature to be goofy and small in structure which is why I gave it the body of a tree frog. The creature is perched as if it’s taking a moment of rest before it pounces to its next victim. I gave the creature the head of an iguana to mimic the classic dragon like feature with the scales feathered and cloned to to the body of the frog to create a more natural effect. I gave I the eye of a chameleon to add to it’s bizarre almost psychedelic demeanor. The skin ruffles of the iguana overlap in structure to where the shoulder is, this being said I was very mindful of the images flowing together in harmony to create the most natural look and effect possible. Achieved not only in selection with the feather, smoothing, and contrast tool controls, but with cloning texture, painting color, warping, and transforming perspective with the free-transformation tool. I wanted to keep the creature in it’s natural habita…

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